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Experienced Miami Attorneys Offer Real Estate Closing Services

Meticulous oversight for your South Florida property transaction

You celebrated when your offer for a home was accepted. Or you listed your property and agreed to terms with a buyer who seemed reliable. Either way, the pre-closing period can be stressful, as some intervening event or overlooked detail might torpedo the deal, delay the closing, or come back to haunt you months or years from now. Fortunately, when you choose Norma Echarte & Associates as your closing attorney, you can have peace of mind. We have extensive experience handling commercial and residential real estate closings in Miami and throughout South Florida. We can guide your transaction through the critical final phases to a successful conclusion.

Capable management throughout your real estate closing

Real estate sales have many “moving parts,” which have to be managed, reconciled or corrected in time for your deal to go through. You can rely on our firm to provide highly professional services on a range of issues including:

  • Title services — Clearing title is an essential step to securing your property rights. We conduct thorough title searches at the County Register of Deeds Office to uncover potential defects and encumbrances, then work diligently to cure any problems. When our search is completed, we draft a preliminary title opinion, which enables the lender and buyer to purchase title insurance. After closing, the attorney must register the deed with the county and draft a final title opinion.
  • Property liens — The most common title encumbrances are liens. A lien is a legal claim a creditor has against the property itself, so that proceeds from any sale of the property must first go to satisfy the claim. If you buy the property without discovering the lien, you assume that debt. When we find a property lien before closing, we can help settle the matter before the sale is final.
  • Appraisal and insurance information — The closing attorney’s office is the hub for information relating to appraisals, inspections, homeowners’ insurance and home warranties.
  • Closing disclosures — Since 2015, financed residential real estate sales must include a five-page closing disclosure form that is submitted at the closing. It’s important for buyers to receive a clear and detailed explanation of this document from their financial institution, so they truly understand the terms they are accepting. Often, for example, the lender will change terms of the loan from earlier quotes based on newly uncovered information. Sometimes, information in various documents will not agree, causing confusion about the actual terms. The closing attorney must catch any discrepancies and see that they are resolved before the deal is finalized.
  • Fund management — The closing attorney informs the buyer of the amount of cash necessary to address various aspects of the closing. The attorney accepts wire transfers or a cashier’s check. After the closing, the attorney distributes the funds from the sale, including agents’ commissions, to the appropriate parties.
  • Final package — The attorney assembles all final, signed documentation relevant to the sale and distributes the package to the parties.

Drawing on more than 40 years of combined legal experience, our team works tirelessly to simplify the process for all concerned. From single-family houses to multi-unit projects, we have the knowledge, skill and determination to make your closing as smooth as possible.

Contact an experienced closing attorney for your Miami real estate transaction

Norma Echarte & Associates in Miami provides real estate closing services for commercial and residential property sales throughout South Florida. Call us at 305-501-2844 or contact us online today. Ms. Echarte and several members of her staff are bilingual in Spanish or Portuguese.

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