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Experienced Attorneys Create and Enforce Florida Land Trusts

Skillful lawyers help property owners maintain privacy and avoid probate

Real estate investors and others who choose to own property without sacrificing their privacy can achieve their goals by establishing a Florida land trust. These revocable legal instruments are owned by their beneficiaries and controlled by a third-party trustee whom the trust creator appoints. If you are planning on holding the land until death and passing it on to a family member, the title transfer can be completed outside of the probate process, saving beneficiaries time and money. Norma Echarte & Associates in Miami reviews the needs of clients from South Florida and throughout the world. We outline the advantages and drawbacks of land trusts and make the necessary legal arrangements when individuals, families and businesses choose this method to manage their real estate assets.

Dedicated real estate law firm prepares trusts suited to clients’ specific needs

Our attorneys have decades of experience assisting clients with all types of real estate issues whether they involve a simple transaction or complex tax reduction concerns. We’ll take the time to evaluate your circumstances and outline the potential benefits of a land trust in situations involving:

  • Multiple owners — If several family members or business partners have ownership interests in a given property, creating a land trust means that the trustee can handle transactions and other legal affairs relating to the parcel without exposing the individual beneficiaries to unwanted attention or liability based on someone else’s financial problems.
  • Probate avoidance — When someone leaves real estate to descendants or other beneficiaries in a will, changing the title legally must wait on the court’s approval. This probate process can drag on, especially if there are questions about the creation or interpretation of the will. Land trusts are very flexible and can include provisions for how the property transfer occurs once the original beneficiary dies. Rather than going through probate, the trustee can maintain control over the process and simply change beneficiaries as directed by the trust creator.
  • People and businesses seeking privacy — Real estate ownership records are public documents that are accessible online, potentially exposing property owners to unwanted attention. In a land trust, the trust becomes the official owner of the parcel so people and businesses can maintain a measure of privacy.

You can serve as the trustee over your land trust or retain our firm to enforce the terms that you include in the document. No matter what reason you have for establishing the trust or what type of property is included in it, we’ll provide comprehensive legal support tailored to your particular objectives.

Contact an accomplished Florida land trust attorney for advice

Located in Miami, Norma Echarte & Associates assists clients from around the world with the establishment, review and administration of Florida land trusts. Please call 305-501-2844 or contact us online to schedule a consultation about your situation and goals.

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